CCleaner Pro Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)


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23.14.0 Build 800010195

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5.0 and up




39.67 MB

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Jul 22, 2023


Premium Unlocked

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CCleaner Pro: Cache Cleaner, Phone Booster, Optimizer – I’ll show you how to get the service for free on your Android device because if you use an Android device, you need to keep your device safe, so using CCleaner Pro APK is free. I will be able to clear your device’s RAM, monitor the device system, and view it safely.

Nowadays, everyone needs a smartphone, so you have to buy a cell phone, because a cell phone is necessary for everyone, and it is difficult to live without a cell phone.

So if you want to keep your device safe or a virus scanner or browser safe, you need to use the CCleaner Pro, which will keep your device clean and not cause any problems.

Hanging up is one of the most common problems these days as cell phones are overloaded with installing more apps or installing more devices. As you get older, your device sometimes hangs and this causes a lot of problems, then you will not be looking for a good antivirus program, this will prevent your device from being used for antivirus.

But I brought a premium antivirus for free so that you can avoid hanging your device, increase the speed, never hang your phone, and if you use it once, install it on all devices. options for free.

Why CCleaner Pro APK?

CCleaner Pro helps you troubleshoot unpleasant issues with your technology device through many useful functions such as cleaning the system, removing debris (supports scanning and deleting junk files), improving quality, removing dangerous software installations, finding and deleting duplicate files, and improving your computer’s performance. was created to fix. . So today, this software always receives high reviews and enthusiastic support from users.

CCleaner Pro brings a lot of benefits to users. If you want to keep your house clean, you have to be tidy, and so is the computer here. Using this software will make your device work faster and smoother even after you first bought it or used it for a long time. Many ancillary features are guaranteed to give you a great experience during use.

How to Use the Software Effectively

First of all, you need to download the application to the application. The on-screen interface will then open the License Key and show you how the software works. You can use the free version or pay extra to use the more advanced version. Once the installation is complete, click Heath Check to finish cleaning the computer, go to Custom Cleaner and click Run Clean, and delete the remaining unnecessary files to make the computer run more smoothly.

After completing the cleanup steps, the software will display the number of deleted data, notify you of corrupted files, or restart Windows. Additionally, you can fix this registry error by clicking this mode and selecting Problem Search. To save the required files, create a blank folder, save it to disk, go back to the interface, and click Fix All Selected Issues.

Awesome Features

CCleaner Pro has a simple but equally awesome interface; With a quick mouse click, users simply click to select software-guided actions. Thanks to this easy-to-use interface, the game has become popular and is suitable for beginners who are not familiar with the technology and experienced people who can use it.

CCleaner Pro has features installed on your computer that allow you to easily remove unnecessary programs without doing too much; It works on the same function in Windows. This is; You can use two methods to remove the installed application from the device. In addition, it allows you to disable less important applications on the display interface to suit your needs.

Other Features

CCleaner Pro is not only easy to use, but also known for its many smart features. In particular, CCleaner Pro can scan the hard disk, analyze the disk and inform you of the size of each file. In addition, it integrates files that contain viruses and allows you to work quickly. This not only makes your computer run faster but also saves battery and improves memory capacity.

CCleaner Pro has a system monitoring function to check CPU usage, monitor RAM and internal memory capacity, and check battery capacity and temperature. This will help you better monitor and understand the condition of the car. For example, offer appropriate options, such as deleting data or improving memory. And there are countless interesting opportunities that you need to fully explore for yourself.

The name CCleaner Pro may not be familiar to many users around the world. Because of the importance of CCleaner Pro, I have received many compliments on social media forums. There is no software that can replace it in the near future. When you use this software, you don’t have to take it to a tech store to clean it; you can do it at home.

CCleaner Mod APK Free Download

You can also download CCleaner Mod APK and get several additional benefits from the initial download. For example, the download file size will be more compact. In turn, your download times will be significantly reduced. In addition, you will be able to save more mobile data and storage from your device when you choose this option.

That being said, you can go ahead and choose this version as your final download. This way, you will see that the benefits far exceed the basic features of the original download. So download CCleaner Mod APK now.


If you want to get this CCleaner Mod APK for free, we will give you the download button below. You can download this program for free by clicking the download button. If you downloaded it, to install this program, first check it by clicking on “Menu>>Settings>>Security>>Unknown sources” on the right. You can then install this program.

To use this amazing program, you must first download and install the latest version. This process requires you to connect your device to a computer and transfer all saved files to the computer. After transferring the files, save them in the CCleaner Pro APK folder on your computer.


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